Opening: 23. November 2017

6 p.m.: FUGA Budapesti Építészeti Központ
1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor u. 5

1084 Budapest, Víg u. 22

1084 Budapest, Nagy Fuvaros u. 3a

BUDAPEST WINDOWS represents a further development of our project Vienna Windows – Display in Process . The cultural and also geographical proximity of Budapest and Vienna motivated us to continue developing this project in the neighbouring city of Budapest. Both Central European metropolises are linked together by a long period of history, culture and architecture.

Vistas are staged behind glass, wishes are awakened and their content is exhibited. The display window serves the world (of goods) as a stage, and it provides a surface for the projection and reflection of all sorts of yearnings.

The metaphor of the window is of substantial significance in the history of art, and it is impossible to overlook the kinship between the two media – the display window and the exhibition. To a great extent display windows define the architectonic appearance of modern cities; together with other advertising media, they contribute to their visual culture.

The expansion of multinational corporations and online shops and the effects of gentrification are a few of the factors contributing to the rapid changes in the urban environment and the disappearance of small businesses and shops. These little businesses are places for convenient shopping, everyday services and communication, where networks can be established and neighbourhoods “lived”.

We understand BUDAPEST WINDOWS in terms of a reflection upon contemporary urban developments in general and as a contribution to the history of everyday life in the city of Budapest in particular. The continued existence of small establishments, with their colourful and diverse presentations and assortments of goods and services, is of incalculable value to the urban quality of life in major european cities like Budapest, Vienna or Athens…

Participants: Martin Frey & Hanna Schimek (AT) in cooperation with Dekoratőr és Kirakatrendező Iskola (School for Decoration and Window Dressing) and students from the class of Eszter Sárkics, Miklós Erhardt, László Korga, János Sugár, Gruppo Tökmag (HU) and Victoria Square Project (Athens/GR).

Cooperating institutions: FUGA, Budapesti Építészeti Központ (Budapest Centrer of Architecture) and PUCCS Contemporary Art Gallery (HU).

Artistic concept and organisation: Martin Frey & Hanna Schimek

Martin Frey & Hanna Schimek, 2017

SUPPORTED BY (in alphabetical order):

Dekorator és Kirakatrendezo Iskola Budapest

FUGA – Budapesti Építészeti Központ / Budapest Centre of Architecture

Jaschik Álmos Művészeti Szakközépiskola

Magyarországi Dekoratőrök és Kirakatrendezők Szövetsége

Osztrák Kulturális Fórum Budapest / Österreichisches Kulturforum Budapest

Puccs Contemporary Art


Franz Berzl
Christina De Pian
Gustav Deutsch
Miklós Erhardt
Philipp Graf
Igor Hlavati
Bálint Nagy
Júlia Őry
Miklós Peternák
Miklós Sándor
Péterné Sántha
Eszter Sárkics
Bullet Shih
Zsuzsanna Szegedy-­Maszák
Patrick Urwyler
Zsuzsanna Pintérné Varga


Dr. Susanne Bachfischer
Mag. Regina Rusz
Mag. Fábián Vörös

Photo top of this page: © Martin Frey