Flashback – Exploring the Archive of Budapest’s Dekoratőr és Kirakatrendező Iskola

Multimedia installation, 2017
Attila Menesi, artist, ex-student of the school, interviewed by Miklós Erhardt, video by M. E. 2017
Compilation of student sketches from the archive of the Budapest School for Decoration and Window Dressing, 2017
Slide show, 2017; Slides: Iván Szamos, ’90s / ’80s. By courtesy of the Budapest School for Decoration and Window Dressing
Budapest’s School for Decoration and Window Dressing; Photographs, 2017

The Budapest School for Decoration and Window Dressing is the only public vocational school for window dressing in Europe, and it has persevered for over 60 years, through all the historical and political changes around it. It owns an extensive and historically remarkable archive of original student works dating back to the ’80s. The school has granted permission to the artists to use parts of this collection for their collaborative research project and the subsequent exhibition. (M.E. & H.S.)

MIKLÓS ERHARDT, visual artist
Lives and works in Budapest and Vienna. His works negotiate the interfaces of social and artistic subject areas. Solo exhibition at the Vienna Secession: Footnote to Bare Life in a Display Window, Empty Shops, Havanna, Vienna, 2008.

Lives and works in Vienna/A and Aegina/GR. Her field of work includes photograpy, film research and curator ship, installation art, and artistic interdisciplinary projects. The emphasis of her work lies in art socio-cultural projects and she has published several artists´ books. She studied graphic design at the Grafische Lehr und Versuchsanstalt and painting at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Paris/F.

Photo top of this page: © Hanna Schimek