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Magyarországi Dekoratőrök és Kirakatrendezők Szövetsége
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Dekorator és Kirakatrendezo Iskola Budapest

In cooperation with students from the School for Decoration and Window Dressing.
Intervention, multimedia installation. Budapest, 2017

A declaration of love to the “local heroes” of the neighbourhood.

What does it mean when you miss the little shops in your neighbourhood and those nearby little businesses which remain miss you? How does your daily routine change, your day-to-day life? Why do we sometimes – or even very often – prefer to shop at large shopping centres or online?

This is the final project of the one-year workshop “Dialogue Budapest – Vienna” at the School for Decoration and Window Dressing. Together with students from Eszter Sárkics’s class “Organizing Objects in Space”, I will transform a vacant shop in Budapest’s 8th district into a “Local Hero / Helyi Hős”:

All of the shopfront’s glass will be covered with reflective foil, and little peepholes will provide a glimpse into the shop’s interior. In the reflective surface of its shopfront, the business will mirror its surroundings as well as passersby, who can also recognise themselves as local heroes for the moment they take to pause. Looking into the interior through the peepholes of the display windows, viewers are able to see objects borrowed from the Budapest businesses whose displays were included in the digital slide show Dialogue Budapest – Vienna. This projection will also be shown here around the clock (24/7). In addition, at the level of the wall’s base, a bright beam of light emerges out of a small section cut out of one window’s foil: it is meant to resemble an imaginary threshold – particularly at night – and invite passersby to pause.

The “Archian” typeface used for the “Helyi Hős” lettering on the shopfront was designed by the painter and graphic artist György Szőnyei, who began teaching in 1988, at the School for Decoration and Window Dressing, among other places. (M.F.)

Photo top of this page: © Martin Frey