Hosted by FUGA – works realised for BUDAPEST WINDOWS are presented by the following participants: Martin Frey & Hanna Schimek (AT) in cooperation with Dekoratőr és Kirakatrendező Iskola (School for Decoration and Window Dressing) and students from the class of Eszter Sárkics, Miklós Erhardt, Miss KK, László Korga, János Sugár, Gruppo Tökmag (HU) and Victoria Square Project (Athens/GR).


Victoria Square Project / Lead artists: Rick Lowe, Maria Papadimitriou

Victoria Square Project in Athens, Greece, is a social sculpture created by the artist Rick Lowe; born within documenta14, it has been engaging the people of the Victoria neighbourhood and beyond.  READ MORE >


Photo: © Elli Christaki



Spotlight on Window Dressing / Hanna Schimek

Students from the School for Decoration and Window Dressing and Hanna Schimek designed display windows using objects from the school’s collection of materials and making reference to artists of four different periods of art: Marcel Duchamp, Meret Oppenheim, Claes Oldenburg and Josephine Meckseper. READ MORE >


Photo: © Hanna Schimek



Dialogue Budapest – Vienna / Martin Frey

Students from the School for Decoration and Window Dressing and Martin Frey created over 200 photographs of display windows during photographic explorations in very different districts of Budapest. A selection of them enter into an associative dialogue with Viennese display windows. READ MORE >


Photo: © Martin Frey



Havanna / Miklós Erhardt

Havanna was a two-month intervention in the Havanna housing project in Budapest in 2006, involving the rental, restoration and running of one of the many empty shops in the neighbourhood as a “Business Advice Seeking Office”. READ MORE >


Photo: © Miklós Erhardt



Love Is the Answer / Martin Frey

A trace search for old Pepsi Cola logos, which have almost entirely disappeared from the Budapest cityscape: Testimonies to the transition from the Cold War and a planned economy to a market economy as well as the symbol of a trade war that was actually carried out between American big brands hidden from public view. READ MORE >


Photo: © Martin Frey



Broken Shop Windows / János Sugár

A broken shop window shows the traces of an accident, something has happened: an invisible but very real border has been broken through. We could see only the different temporary and spontaneous repairs, and this minimalist visuality creates the story – performed with a non-linear dramaturgy – about that period. READ MORE >


Photo: © János Sugár



Flashback / Miklós Erhardt, Hanna Schimek

The School for Decoration and Window Dressing owns an extensive and historically remarkable archive of original student works dating back to the ’80s. The school has granted permission to the artists to use parts of this collection for their collaborative research project and the subsequent exhibition. READ MORE >


Photo: © Hanna Schimek



The Postmodern of the Poor / Gruppo Tökmag

As a result of new, “more minimalist” trends, the tympanum portals disappeared from the frequented areas of Budapest. The very few ones that survived can be found outside the Ring Street – they are sad reminders of the era of the regime change and its pastel-turquoise manager suits. READ MORE >


Photo: © Gruppo Tökmag



Photo top of this page: © Martin Frey